I am currently on medical leave through March 31, 2019. I will be returning to work on April 1, 2019—no fooling! 

Please note that my schedule often changes because of travel, continuing education, and life in general.   I encourage my students to try new teachers--change is good!  But if you want to make sure I'm going to be on my mat in the front of the room, whether I'm subbing for any of my colleagues, or teaching a special workshop, email me at spiritualchocolateyoga@gmail.com or sign up for my newsletter


            5:20 pm-6:20 pm, Yoga Basics, Lake Forest Health and Fitness*


1:00 pm-2:15 pm, Restorative Yoga, Lake Forest Health and Fitness*


1:00 pm-2:00 pm Yoga Basics, Lake Forest Health and Fitness*


9:15am-10:30 am, Mindful Flow, Lake Forest Health and Fitness*  



* This location is members-only but offers day passes.  Contact the gym for more information.